The show wasn’t Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune but a locally produced show called Your Question Please. The show consisted of a panel of local clergy who answered calls from listeners.

Charlie and I watched the show. Charlie was especially impressed by Pastor Dale Gregoriew’s responses. Pastor Gregoriew was the pastor at First Lutheran. We had moved to Topeka in 1984 from Hoyt. We were looking for a church.

Neither of us were of Lutheran background. We chose to attend First Lutheran to hear Pastor Gregoriew and we joined shortly thereafter. I remember Herb Nunemaker giving us a tour during new member orientation. Lois Armstrong joined at the same time. Lois and I became very good friends as a result of our membership. Unfortunately , I don’t remember much else about the early years of our membership. Pastor Gregoriew left in 1989, but we have stayed.

My participation in Altar Guild is one reason I have stayed. Carol Mueller asked me to join Altar Guild which has offered me an opportunity to serve behind-the-scenes which is comfortable for me.

Friendships formed have been a very pleasant outcome of participating in Altar Guild activities such as preparing communion and decorating sanctuary for Christmas and Easter. Being part of the Library Committee also has fostered a sense of contributing to First.

I wonder how my life would be different if Charlie and I hadn’t watched the TV show, Your Question Please. I am very thankful that we made the decision to join First Lutheran.

Attending church on Sundays is beneficial for me. It brings peace of mind and helps keep me on track.


When I first moved to Topeka in 1983, I decided to visit a number of churches. I visited five different Lutheran churches. I eliminated two of the churches because I wasn’t allowed to take communion even though I was a Christian and believed in Jesus. The reason that I chose First Lutheran was the diversity that I found. There were babies, young people, middle aged adults and older people that were in their nineties. I liked that kind of diversity. They had Sunday school classes for three year olds to young adults. There were also Bible study classes and current events classes for the adults. We had a great pipe organ played by a great organist. There were also children’s choirs and a great adult choir. If that wasn’t enough, there were hand bell choirs for both adults and children. With an emphasis on the Bible, our pastors made sure that we had a well-rounded worship service. I feel that I made a great choice for myself and my family. First Lutheran is a great place to worship and it has become a second family to me.