Events from 2018

Draft Social Statement on Women and Justice
On April 29th and May 6th during the Adult Education Hour, we discussed the DRAFT SOCIAL STATEMENT ON WOMEN AND JUSTICE which was open for study and response prior to September 30, 2018. Pat Booth lead the learning, discussing, and responding to the draft.

ELCA World Hunger Appeal
Thank you to the members of First Lutheran who contributed to the 2018 ELCA WORLD HUNGER APPEAL during Lent. Together, you raised $716.60. Where does this money go? How is it used?
Follow this link to learn more about the work of ELCA World Hunger and how your generosity works to help those in need

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Alice Bertels retraced the steps of Irena Sendler, subject of an award-winning book titled “Life in a Jar”. Sendler was “discovered” through a National History Project which culminated in a play about her life. She was a Polish Catholic social worker, organized a rescue network of fellow social workers to save 2,500 Jewish children who were living in the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust. Her story was suppressed by communist Poland for more than 60 years until three students from southeast Kansas brought it to life. For more details visit